Andrew Tapsell is an artist and illustrator based in Kent, United Kingdom.  He studied a foundation diploma in art and design before going on to earn a degree in illustration.  His work developed to become underpinned by drawing and photography, skills which he then took with him into postgraduate study to develop a practice which combines these elements with his interest in responding to current sociological issues.

His contextual research includes looking at the modern pressures and challenges facing moral decision-making and responsibility in modern Western culture, particularly in relation to youth.  Instead of responding in a purely direct fashion to these contextual sources, Tapsell's work attempts to strip away the complexities of our modern lives and engage us with the core, common elements of the human condition.  In doing so, the outcomes of his practice provide a challenging perspective upon his research.

The intimacy and immediacy involved in drawing helps his images connect with the fragility of the things which unite us all.  The blurring of the known and unknown, the physical and spiritual, the material and emotional; brings matters of morality to mind and a sense of personal being.  His current work attempts to unite the superficially small and the incomprehensibly vast in an effort to engage with notions of co-existence, responsibility and action and consequence.

MA Degree in Fine Art  Norwich University College of the Arts, Norwich, Norfolk.

BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration  Norwich University College of the Arts, NorwichNorfolk.

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design  University College for the Creative Arts at CanterburyKent.